Epoxy Resin Floors

An Epoxy Resin floor is a durable, seamless, chemical resistant floor providing adjustable levels of texture and color to match any design theme 



• Ease of maintenance

• Resists water, oil, gas, anti- freeze, salts, chemicals

• Withstands chipping and surface abrasions

• Gives clean aesthetically pleasing look and feel 

• VOC free - CA 01350 air quality compliant

• Hygienic seamless finish

• Anti-microbial

• Satin or gloss finish

• Fast set available for quicker turn around timee

Garage floors take a beating in Wisconsin with chemicals, salts, and water eroding them every time your vehicles enter. The Concrete Company has you "COVERED" with a professionally installed Polyaspartic or Epoxy floor coating. 

We will professionally mechanically diamond grind and prepare your existing concrete floor so the coating will attach to your existing concrete and not let go... literally!

These coatings are extremely durable and are stronger than the concrete they are attached to which will change the look and feel of your garage or basement area in your home or floor in your shed or man cave!