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Popular Questions and Answers

"The Concrete Company was awesome. They were prompt in coming to our home and providing a detailed quote with some alternatives. We finalized what we wanted, made the down payment, and received an estimated date for the work to be done. After the quote we received a tremendous amount of rain over an extended period and our job was pushed out a couple weeks. But we were kept up to date by going to their website to see where our job was on the calendar. They came, removed the old driveway without damaging surrounding lawn or gardens. They put down a really deep gravel base. Much deeper than the original (probably why the original had cracked and sunk). Our sidewalk is curved and they did a great job of designing a gradual transition to the driveway. It looks awesome! The bill arrived the evening after they completed the work, and the amount was exactly what had been quoted! The crew were very nice, answered all our questions, cleaned up after each step in the process. In spite of the pylons and security ribbon, a couple kids decided to run across the freshly finished sidewalk. The finisher went back and fixed the marks without even being asked. So on time, on budget, outstanding quality, and a friendly crew. Not sure what more you could ask for"     - Tom Johnson- Madison

Do you do small jobs?


Currently we are only taking on complete driveway replacements and are not taking on patios. We will bid garages if the full driveway is being done as well.  Driveways need to be a minimum of 10 ft wide in order to pull a concrete truck in

Our minimum price for driveway replacements is $6000.

Do you guarantee against cracks?
There are 2 guarantees with concrete.  1- It will get hard  2- It WILL crack! We will cut lines in your concrete to try and make it crack where we want it to however with the climate we live in with the high summer heat and freezing winter temps putting pressure on the concrete, sometimes it may hairline crack outside of the lines we cut. Unfortunately when someone sees a hairline crack they assume the concrete is ruined which is completely false. With the gravel base we have and rod grid we place these visible hairline cracks (ones in cut lines are not visible) are only a cosmetic issue. We will do everything possible from large base, reinforcement rod grid, and sealers to help prevent these but as is evident on many of our state roadways, and concrete all over Madison, visible cracking happens. So in answer to this question, no we do not guarantee against cracking...we guarantee it will crack...we just hope it chooses to stay in the lines we cut!

Do you do background checks on your employees?


Yes, absolutely. As a husband and dad of 5 , I am very conscious about who I allow in and around my home and family and I feel the same when it comes to my customers and their families. Our crew is extremely friendly and professional and I am confident you will enjoy working with them!

What towns do you work in ( How far do you travel to do work )


Luckily not very far! We are fortunate to be able to stay busy staying relatively close to our shop which saves on time and gas money!  Here is a current list of local towns we do work in-


Madison, Fitchburg, Middleton, Oregon, Monona, McFarland, Maple Bluff, Cottage Grove


Jobs that we do not currently take on-



Mudjacking/Concrete Lifting