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                                                                    PLEASE READ!

- Please do not message us on here. This is a tool to give you a "Ballpark "of your project cost

- This is for driveways only. Patios pricing is not included on quick Quote

-Driveways must be at least 11 feet wide to allow a concrete truck to fit in

-We only bid sidewalks, driveway side add -on's and steps if we are doing the entire driveway

- Quick Quote is NOT scheduling a meeting at your home.


- You MUST enter DIMENSIONS into the questions asked to receive a price.


- We DO NOT respond to messages left on Quickquote.


Once you receive your quick quote via email, if you like what you see and want a firm quote you will need to schedule a time for an a consultation at your home.  If you would like to meet at your home please click HERE


DIRECTIONS -This Is a tool to give you a close "ballpark" amount so you have a very close idea what your project will cost. There are many variables in concrete work so we will need to schedule an onsite visit to firm up the quote but this will allow you to see very closely the actual cost: PLEASE NOTE: You must enter dimensions into the system to receive a price


DRIVEWAYS can be tricky to measure if they are not perfect rectangles. If yours is a perfect rectangle it will be easy just enter your length and width. If yours is lots of different angles try to get measurements for each section. Garages are the same


For example if one section is 20 x 19 - 380 sq ft and another is 10 x 10 - 100 sq ft and another is 12 x 10 -120 sq ft your total is 600 sq ft. The system will ask for a length and a width so you can do 60 for the length and 10 for the width which will give you the 600 sq ft your totals added up to. 

SIDEWALKS/WALKWAYS/STEPS- We only need the entire length so measure end to end up the middle of the walk. Enter the amount of steps. If you have a front stoop we will have to see it in person

APRONS/APPROACHES- Measure from the curb to the top of the apron where it meets the city sidewalk or driveway if there is no city sidewalk...lets call it 10'. If the street opening across is 20' and where the approach hits the sidewalk is 16 ft take the halfway point...18'. So our measurement would be 18' x 10'

NOTE: We are not bidding PATIOS currently and only do sidewalks, steps and driveway additions if we are also doing the driveway. Our current minimum on driveway replacements is $6000 Thank you! 

Driveways must be at least 12' wide and we may pass on quoting the job due to traffic on certain streets. All prices are set to our 2021 pricing so this quote will be accurate based off the numbers you put in. Upon your acceptance of this quote we ask for an onsite visit to verify all measurements and job site conditions before scheduling the work. Thank you!

Madison, WI Concrete Driveway Contractor



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