Concrete Driveway Madison, WI
Concrete Driveway Madison, WI

Concrete Driveway Replacement in Madison Wi installed by The Concrete Company of Madison, WI


Concrete Driveway Madison, WI
Concrete Driveway Madison, WI

Concrete Driveway Replacement in Madison Wi installed by The Concrete Company of Madison, WI



Please NOTE: If you need Concrete SEALING, Caulking, or Coatings please contact North Range Pressure Washing 


For basement wall cracks leaking water or exterior tuckpointing call Jamie Wallace @  920-567-8723

Why Trust The Concrete Company With Your New Driveway?

The Best Base Under Your Concrete + The Best Sealer on Your Concrete = The Best Warranty In The Madison Area For Your Concrete

Current Cities We Service : Madison - Middleton - Monona - Oregon - McFarland - Verona - Maple Bluff - Cottage Grove - Fitchburg

We are now scheduling for Spring of 2022.  We are only bidding full driveways and are not taking on patios currently. Sidewalks and some steps will be bid if drive is being done. We will bid garages if doing the driveway as well.  Please check our FAQ page in regard to our scope of work and towns we currently serve.  Thank you!

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Matt and his crew at The Concrete Company were outstanding. Our backyard  patio was exactly what we asked for, beautifully done on time and under budget. Matt and his crew were very responsive and went above and beyond what was required of them, returning after the work was complete to bolt down our gazebo to the patio as we requested. They were great with children, who loved watching our “construction site” out the window, stamping hands in the concrete and “helping” to secure the gazebo. Matt answered our questions thoughtfully and knowledgeably, and his honesty and expertise assured us that we'd have no regrets working with The Concrete Company. We've had many neighbors comment positively on his work and have already recommended him several times, as we're sure to do in the future. -John & Rebecca Haushaulter-Madison


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"Our old asphalt driveway in Madison, Wi was in shambles, had a major drainage problem (every time it rained we had a pool of water in the back parking area), and was so indented in areas my daughter couldn't ride her bike with training wheels as she would tip over due to the unlevelness. When Matt came out to bid the replacement he had excellent ideas to eliminate the need of our non-funtioning drain and to align our driveway to our back patio. I couldn't be happier with the finished product! The new concrete driveway wraps around the back of our home and finishes off with our new stamped concrete patio. All my neighbors have commented on how great our new driveway looks! Matt and his team were timely, professional, and did an outstanding job. I will be recommending him to any person who has any type of concrete work needing to be done - Matt and his team take a definite pride in their work - you cannot go wrong by choosing The Concrete Company!"
 Jacky & Toby Haines ~ Madison


Driveway Repair Madison, Wi




 "Along with giving you new concrete at the highest quality our goal is also to leave a lasting positive impression on you and your family and we go to great lengths to achieve that" -Matt Wallace (Owner)

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I have been a homeowner for nearly 20 years. In that time I have worked roofers, plumbers, painters, hangers and mudders, but I’ve never had quite as positive as I’ had this summer with Matt at The Concrete Company.  Matt has exceeded my expectations with customer service, quality and attitude. I am a selling professional who sets a very high bar on customer service and I can say emphatically Matt exceeded my expectations every step of the way.  If contractors can do one thing to really aggravate me, it is to make me guess when they might show up next. Matt has solved this most fundamental requirement and delivered EVERYTIME he said he would deliver.  Visually his work is beautiful. I am no expert on concrete stamping by my neighbor is a commercial construction project manager and he lauded Matt’s work every step of the way, from the compacting of the gravel to the final texture and tinting, all of the work is top notch. Finally is Matt’s attitude. He is just a friendly guy who takes GREAT pleasure in doing world class work. His crew seems to feed off Matt’s nature and great attitude. I can’t say enough good things about the experience I’ve had with Matt and The Concrete Company, and I’d certainly recommend him to a friend, neighbor or family member. Thanks Matt!!

- John Ouelette (Madison, Wi)